Dealing With Disaster
Doesn't have to be a disaster

So, disaster struck. A hailstorm tore up your roof, a fire caused major damage, a leak escaped attention and now you have to deal with a huge mess. How do you proceed?

Step 1. Contact A Professional

Contact a reputable licensed contractor that is a specialist in working with insurance claims.

We are not just saying this to get your business. Some insurance companies are notorious for not paying out the full amount required to repair homes. There is a reason that you want a reputable contractor too. Whenever nature strikes a large area, “Storm Chasers” flock to the area hoping to make a quick buck. They make great promises, but they won’t be around in a year to fulfill them. You have to make sure that you go with a well established company that can help you work with your insurance company to ensure that you get your fair settlement. 

Step 2. Know Your Rights

If a disaster strikes, as homeowner, you should be aware of your rights

Under Indiana laws, you have several protections. You are allowed to file and settle claims on your own. But here is the catch, it gets confusing, quickly. Many insurance companies will take advantage of this to refuse payout or grant a significantly smaller payout than is rightfully yours. This is where an established company gives you the advantage. This is why it becomes very important to make sure the company that you select is one that is an insurance claims specialist.

And really, that's it. Sure, there are more things to know if you are trying to do it all yourself, but it gets complicated fast. If you are dealing with a disaster, get a professional to deal with it for you.

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